About ParkingExpert

ParkingExpert guides real estate investors and parking operators to assess what a parking asset is really worth and how to best utilize that asset.

The ParkingExpert team brings 50+ years of operational parking experience to recognize revenue opportunities that will operationally increase the value of an asset.

ParkingExpert watches, listens and analyzes the facility to find hidden opportunities that will increase EBITA.  They uncover the revenue gap by identifying potential infrastructure and process improvements.  From there, they determine how to implement the strategies to drive that revenue increase through the gates.  They also improve the customer parking experience.


ParkingExpert gives direct, honest answers and provides an objective approach to the process.

ParkingExpert takes in a wide breadth of data points, including physical attributes, historic financial data, competition, studying the surrounding neighborhood, lease/contract reviews and transactions, demand studies, pricing strategies and positioning.

Clients are involved throughout the process.  ParkingExpert keeps clients  informed on a real-time basis and updates clients on the progress and timeline throughout the project.


ParkingExpert figures out what a parking facility is really worth.  They perform an in-depth analysis that includes both a high-level view and drilling down into specific details to ensure that all aspects that impact the value of a parking asset have been scrutinized.  They know what questions to ask to get results.

ParkingExpert has 50+ years of operational parking experience and is highly skilled at conducting financial modeling and quantitative analysis.

They can also layout and design parking equipment and can value-engineer the facility for its optimum potential, identifying the best equipment at a competitive price.

ParkingExpert performs a physical analysis of the facility and spends time in the neighborhood where the asset is located.  They look at the competition and run the numbers.  They perform an in-depth analysis and financial projections based on quantitative and qualitative factors.  They incorporate historic data and future tenancy demands into cash flow projections.

ParkingExpert is highly skilled at analyzing parking facility leases and contracts, as well as transactional analysis, acquisition underwriting, due diligence, demand studies, pricing strategies and positioning, operator selection, developing realistic and sustainable revenue targets, and designing and implementing Parking Accounting Revenue Control Systems (PARCS).

Sixth Sense

Parking is in Marc’s blood.  His time in the industry predates his time as a licensed driver–he has been in the parking industry for 50+ years.  He took his former company MarcParc from one parking lot to a $40MM/year business.  He sees things that others do not see and has a vision and understanding of parking that is unparalleled.

He learned the industry from the bottom-up.  He has done it all from dumping trash to digging ditches and building parking lots, parking cars, designing facilities, negotiating leases, providing revenue and expense projections for developers, and managing contracts.

Marc Slavin Bio

Parking is in Marc’s blood–he has spent the last 50 years in the business.  He learned the art from his grandfather, Michael Edlavitch, and his uncle, both parking industry pioneers, who started their first operation in Washington, D.C., in 1921.  Marc has been involved with more than 250 parking facility designs and the construction of more than 200 surface parking lots and garages.

Marc founded MarcParc, Inc. in 1996 with one parking lot and grew it to an operation of 60 facilities across the Washington, D.C. metro area.  He sold MarcParc is 2015.  In 2016, he started ParkingExpert to bring his expertise in parking to individual owners, parking operators, real estate investors and building owners.  He is also the author of “Parking Cars: Life and Lessons from the Parking Lot,” a no-nonsense guide to life and business.

Marc attended the University of Miami.  He remains active with the Washington Parking Association (WPA) and the National Parking Association (NPA).  In his free time, he enjoys hunting, fishing, flying, and traveling.